Friday, February 1, 2013

A Morning Choice

It has been pointed out there are two kinds of people in the world: those who wake up saying "Good morning, Lord!" and those who can only groan "Good Lord. Morning."

I freely admit that I am by nature and long practice an early riser. Were I a dinosaur, I would be a crack o' dawn. And I really do try to bound from the bed each morning saying "Good morning, Lord!"  Most days, I succeed.

However, some days, try as I might, I can only glare at the alarm an groan "Good Lord. Morning." Such mornings are most likely after the Redskins lose ugly and late on Monday or Thursday Night Football. They are few, but they happen.    

The strange thing is, the words with which I greet the day make a huge difference in the kind of day I have.

As a whole, "Good morning, Lord" days tend to be positive and energetic. On these days, I can't wait to be out and doing. The world is filled with possibilities to explore, adventures and experiences to live. For a few minutes at least, the world is my oyster, inside is a pearl of great price, and it's all mine for the finding. Once initiated, the energy, expectation, and excitement tend to carry through the whole day. Great things happen because great things are expected to happen.

"Good Lord. Morning" days, on the other hand, tend to be marked by low energy and even lower expectation and ambition. On these days getting started is hard. Keeping going is harder, and getting through is a long slog requiring great endurance. Low energy decreases to almost nothing taking expectation and ambition along with it. Little or nothing happens because there is little or no energy to make it happen or to receive it if it does.

Three words set the tone for the day.

These words establish one's attitude.

One's attitude establishes one's person and one's day.

Days following days establish the character of one's life

So, what kind of life will you have?

What kind of day will you have?

What words will establish your attitude?

How will you greet the day?