Saturday, March 21, 2009

Homer Simpson Moments

Did you ever have one of those Homer Simpson moments? You're doing something when suddenly the sun emerges from behind a cloud, the scales fall from your eyes, the synapses in your brain fire just right and you suddenly recognize the truth, beauty, and wisdom of something simple that has been hiding in plain sight, usually with a force that makes you want to slap your fore head and say "Doh!!" That's a Homer Simpson moment. I call such moments "flashes of the obvious". Such moments were rare when I was younger and knew everything. Now, as I get older, I find them happening with increasing frequency. Either I am realizing how little I know, or have learned the wisdom to appreciate more. I am also discovering that obvious or not, a lot of people have yet to discover these simple truths. This blog is dedicated to those who, like me, find life to be an incredible voyage of discovery and who delight when blessed with occasional flashes of the obvious. May you be the beneficiary of many, many Homer Simpson moments!