Friday, February 24, 2012

The Princess and the Helicopter Pilot

"Living Every Girl's Dream,
She Married a Helicopter Pilot!"

As a helicopter pilot, I chuckled when I first saw the caption above. In keeping with the Cinderella quality of the Royal Wedding, it should have read "She Married a Prince". Except, I know from personal experience that being a helicopter pilot makes one more princely than any prince.

In the photo, the girl has married a prince who also happens to be a helicopter pilot. In a strange twist of fate, I happen to be a helicopter pilot who married a princess.      

I was not always a helicopter pilot.  I was first a farm boy, then a machinist, then a student, and finally an artilleryman and flight student before pinning on the wings that entitle me to call myself a helicopter pilot.  It took a very nasty war in a semi-exotic place to teach me what being a helicopter pilot really meant.

My wife, on the other hand, has always been a princess. She was a princess when we met, a princess during the time we dated and a princess when we married, long before I ever considered being a helicopter pilot. She remains a princess to this day, as do our two daughters.  It is in part because my wife is a princess that I was able to become a helicopter pilot and all of the other things I have become through the years. 

I have a thing for princesses. Princesses are special.   Princesses are warm and caring.  Princesses are strong and determined. Princesses are fiercely loyal.  Princesses speak with special authority.  And, because of who they are, princesses are worthy of special respect and deference.  

Being married to a princess, demonstrating the special loyalty, care and respect to which a princess is entitled is a high calling.  Lived out, such a calling has been shown able to transform many a lowly commoner, even a helicopter pilot into a prince.  

Everyone knows that princes and princesses are to live happily ever after. And to live happily ever after as a prince is almost as good or maybe even better than to be a helicopter pilot.

What are you doing to live happily ever after?