Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ring In the New!

The old has passed away!
Behold, the new has come!

Happy New Year! The old year is gone. The new year is here! 

Like the puppy in the picture above, I find myself bounding forward with eager anticipation. The gate is open! New adventures, new experiences, and new opportunities await. For this day at least, all things are possible and the world is my oyster. The future belongs to me.

Even those things I've experienced before -- the change of seasons, the expectation of planting, sore muscles of cultivating, the reward of harvest, even the taste of home grown tomatoes -- will be different. Old friends will become even dearer. New friends will become precious.

New decisions will be made or thrust upon us. Either way, we will make the most of them and go from there. My hope is that when I look back on the last day of this new year, I shall to do so certain in the knowledge that be it opportunity or obstacle, I experienced it to the absolute fullest.

Reality may set in tomorrow, or next month, or never.  Today, I'm a puppy and someone left the gate open.  There's a whole bright new world out there. New air to breathe! New things to see! New friends to make, and, being a puppy, new smells to smell! 

Life is wonderful. Let's get started!

How will you spend this first day of the new year? 

What new things will you enjoy in 2013?