Friday, March 22, 2013

First Day of Spring

Vernal equinox.
Comforting words to the ear.
First day of spring.

Time of renewal,
new life, new growth and new hope.
Vernal equinox.

Today, it is spring.
At least astronomically.
Vernal equinox.

Shortly after seven am on Wednesday, the sun, in its annual journey, crossed the equator and it became spring.  It happens every year.  We call it the vernal equinox and use it to mark the end of winter.

Unfortunately, this year spring denoted by the position of the sun on the horizon is not the same thing as spring experienced in the body. Given the weather around the nation, warmth seems weeks away.

Light has returned. Heat has not.

The groundhog who said winter was over six weeks ago lied.

Country comedienne Minnie Pearl probably said it best.  Cousin Minnie, with a big smile, is quoted as saying "My feller told me I look like the first breath of spring!"

"Really, Cousin Minnie?" the interviewer would ask. "Those were his exact words?"

"Well", says Cousin Minnie, looking down, "What he said was 'You look like the end of a hard winter." (pause, big smile) "But they mean the same thing!"

Today, I'm not so sure of Cousin Minnie's conclusion. Rather, I find myself at the end of a hard winter while continuing to anticipate the first breath of spring.

How about you?

Is today the end of a hard winter or the first breath of spring?

Only you can say.