Friday, June 3, 2016

Yesterday's Wine

We come here quite often

And listen to music
Partaking of yesterday's wine
                         -- Willie Nelson

Nobody sings a nostalgic song as well as Willie Nelson. Kristofferson may have written "For the Good Times", but Willie packs it with more pathos. Willie's signature anthem "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" pulls the heart out of the listener and into the world of lost love never forgotten and the hope for a future yet to be. However none of these songs speaks as powerfully as "Partaking of Yesterday's Wine"

Yesterday's wine: memories of times long past, warm spring and summer evenings, familiar music, walks and talks with friends long forgotten. Sometimes, yesterday's wine opens windows in the mind with images and impressions real enough to be touched. Yesterday's wine can be pleasant.

But yesterday's wine can be dangerous. Sometimes, the images are not peaceful and pleasant, drawn from the best of times, but rather from the worst. Sometimes, yesterday's wine brings forth not fondest memories but dreadful nightmares in hideous detail. Sometimes, yesterday's music is not worth listening to, yesterday's wine too strong. The hangover is intense and passes over you in unending waves. The only option is to ride it out, for days, weeks, and months at a time, however long it takes.

Sometimes it takes forever.

We come here quite often and listen to music, partaking of yesterday's wine.

Do you come here often?

To which music do you listen?

As you listen, of which wine do you partake?